Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update - almost spring, 2011!

the time has gone so swiftly!.....our family had major moments!  we had the engagement of our katie giordano and then the birth of our katie giordano kelly!.....then the wedding of katie giordano, now katie adams!!!!

i have been in new york monday through thursday or friday of each week, staying with barby and
sean and helping with little katie kelly while barby is at work since october, 2010.   taking care of little
 katie and helping to plan big katie's wedding----didn't leave much time to blog!

i'm going to set forth all the wonderful aspects of katie kelly's birth and katie adams' wedding  here in the
near future.

taking care of an infant is soooo much different now then when i had children over 30 years ago!
all the new rules!

and the wedding was quite an experience!.....there were some hiccups and one disappointment but
for the most part, our vendors were really wonderful and the family and friends pulled their talents
to make it a magical, lovely night----but most important were katie and her ray!......well, more about
that later..... if anyone is planning a wedding in the bronx or brooklyn, they might find our experiences