Sunday, March 29, 2020

Trish Giordano: Pandemic, 2020 - Part 2

Trish Giordano: Pandemic, 2020 - Part 2: We have now been isolated for over two weeks. No dashing here and hugs with friends, hell, no BEING with friends or loved ones!...

Pandemic, 2020 - Part 2

We have now been isolated for over two weeks.

No dashing here and hugs with friends, hell, no BEING with friends or loved ones!
Those of us who are most susceptible are steering clear of everyone and not venturing out of our homes!

The routine has been to watch every screen available to learn how the coronavirus is incapacitating each and every city....each and every continent!  The death tolls keep truly seems like a sci-fi futuristic movie!

Except, it is not.  This is our world today.

The human nature, however, is truly amazing!

Our youngest daughter, who contracted the virus,  is on the mend and we are so very thankful, we are delirious!
Our middle daughter had a birthday on Friday and we utilized the wonderful thing called Zoom and were able to see everyone (except our two grandsons, who could not “attend”) and had a family birthday “celebration” digitally!  While we were all “together”, Katie opened her windows in Brooklyn at 7:00  p.m. and we could see/hear everyone clapping in their support and appreciation for all the health workers who are working so amazingly through such difficulties.

Today I “attended” Mass through Facebook!!!!

I fervently hope that when this is all behind us, we do not forget!

It seems humans adapt quite well to adversity......but I hope and pray we do not ever again take for granted our wonderful “freedoms”....hugging family and friends, dashing to the store on a whim,

It looks like we will have another few weeks of isolation.....weeks I hope will now  be productive for me instead of being glued to the television news......I must admit I have been a slug....I would love to be out there helping... but my health will just not  permit  that.

In the meantime, I am going to support where I can and have great  faith and hope for our future!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Trish Giordano: Pandemic of 2020

Trish Giordano: Pandemic of 2020: I will never take anything for granted ever again! I would like to make some bread while we are self isolating.....there is no flour in th...

Pandemic of 2020

I will never take anything for granted ever again!

I would like to make some bread while we are self isolating.....there is no flour in the stores.

Forget about toilet paper, chlorox wipes and hand sanitizer! They may become a distant memory!

I have never been one to freeze meats......I just like using them I shop every three
or four days.  Well, that is certainly not working for me now!

Unfortunately, my lungs are badly scarred from the 2018 flu and I have other health issues which
put me at high risk so it is not a good idea for me to be out and about as in normal times.
Thankfully, my daughter and son in law appreciate this and are ever willing to get whatever we
need.....but I do hate to ask! (Thank you Tina and Gary!)

Our youngest daughter is in Brooklyn on her fourth day of quarantine.  Fortunately, her fever is
gone and the heaviness in her chest is not as bad and she is starting to feel a bit better.  The fact
that she is so far away and facing this alone just breaks my heart.  I would be there in a shot if I

The Army is going into New York City...….it is in lockdown......their grocery store shelves are
totally bare.....this is like out of a sci-fi movie!!!!

But, it is real, very real.
Our churches are now closed.  The dentist is open only for emergencies.  I had to cancel my
appointment with my rheumatologist who would have given me cortisone shots in my thumb and
shoulder...… of course, I can hardly do anything with my left hand and when I move my
right shoulder,  pain shoots everywhere! Our state of Pennslvania was one of the early states to
close down all non-essential businesses and encourage all to STAY HOME!

I attempted to place a delivery order with the big food store and the screen goes grey.....they are so overwhelmed they cannot even name a time slot for delivery or pick up!

A friend of my daughters from years ago messaged me saying she knew I had a bad bout with the
flu before and if she could help us in any way, please call her! (Thank you Megan!!)

A neighbor called to say she was heading to the store and did we need anything (Thank you Ann!)

A friend just called to check in on us.  He is older than us and going to the store early Monday.
He wanted to offer to pick up whatever we might need!  (Thank you William!)

My brother-in-law also just called and offered the same kindness! (Thank you Nick!)

This pandemic may be very scary and life threatening, but it also is showing how wonderful
people can be!

At seventy-one I certainly never thought this would be happening in my life time......who knows
today who will be surviving a few months from very scary.....but I do vow that I will
never take anything for granted.....not conveniences, not loved ones, not simple things like
dashing to a store and getting whatever you want, ……..we have lived such marvelous lives
with so many luxuries......that we have taken for granted.  Perhaps this will result in a wake up
call to love our planet, love our people and savor all as precious!!!