Friday, September 9, 2022

The Queen

 The Queen has passed.

The Queen was "the Queen" for as long as I can remember.

Her son, Charles, was born a month before me.

I cannot imagine two different  upbringings and lifestyles.

While I was raised  in a lower middle class  (a term we never considered ) in the United States,  Charles was the King Apparent for all his formative years. In subsequent reading, I have discerned that he felt, in fact, deprived of his mother's love. I have also since learned that this was a feeling that was drastically changed in later years, when after many life's experiences, the two came together with love and respect.  

I am so amazed, therefore, at the response of the general public, be it English or American.

The most disconcerting, of course, is the response by Uju Anya, who was clearly raised in a barn,who would not give a moment's respect to the Queen and her family.  Her outrage is based on her own family's experience, and that must be respected and considered.  But she must also bear in mind the knowledge that Queen Elizabeth was not the all-powerful.  The Parliament set the rules.  Therefore, should she desire to wish ill on powers that be, how can this supposedly intelligent being only single one individual, when, in fact, the Parliament sets forth the rules of the provinces and territories.                                             However, there is a time and place for everything in this world.  She clearly does not have a clue and is only considering her own agenda.    That said, Carnegie Mellow totally supports her freedom of speech, which is totally correct BUT they are both missing the mark - While you have differences and objections, one must allow for common decency- a key factor missing in Uju Anya's outrage and Carnegie Mellon's compliance.

We have diverse groups in this universe....many cultures, many customs, many rituals....and we must respect all and deal accordingly.