Friday, September 9, 2022

The Queen

 The Queen has passed.

The Queen was "the Queen" for as long as I can remember.

Her son, Charles, was born a month before me.

I cannot imagine two different  upbringings and lifestyles.

While I was raised  in a lower middle class  (a term we never considered ) in the United States,  Charles was the King Apparent for all his formative years. In subsequent reading, I have discerned that he felt, in fact, deprived of his mother's love. I have also since learned that this was a feeling that was drastically changed in later years, when after many life's experiences, the two came together with love and respect.  

I am so amazed, therefore, at the response of the general public, be it English or American.

The most disconcerting, of course, is the response by Uju Anya, who was clearly raised in a barn,who would not give a moment's respect to the Queen and her family.  Her outrage is based on her own family's experience, and that must be respected and considered.  But she must also bear in mind the knowledge that Queen Elizabeth was not the all-powerful.  The Parliament set the rules.  Therefore, should she desire to wish ill on powers that be, how can this supposedly intelligent being only single one individual, when, in fact, the Parliament sets forth the rules of the provinces and territories.                                             However, there is a time and place for everything in this world.  She clearly does not have a clue and is only considering her own agenda.    That said, Carnegie Mellow totally supports her freedom of speech, which is totally correct BUT they are both missing the mark - While you have differences and objections, one must allow for common decency- a key factor missing in Uju Anya's outrage and Carnegie Mellon's compliance.

We have diverse groups in this universe....many cultures, many customs, many rituals....and we must respect all and deal accordingly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Trish Giordano: Pay It Forward

Trish Giordano: Pay It Forward: I did the dumbest thing the other day!  I was at the food store and, rather than haul my "50 lb. " purse in with me, I got my stor...

Pay It Forward

I did the dumbest thing the other day! 

I was at the food store and, rather than haul my "50 lb. " purse in with me, I got my store card and credit card out and "hid" my purse in the passenger feet area and got out of the car, pushed the lock, slammed the door shut and ....... MY KEYS WERE SITTING ON THE PASSENGER SEAT!!!!

Also, my phone was in my purse!  And, I realized to my dismay, that my spare key was ALSO in my purse!  (I had not put it in the house after having the car inspected!) Calling my husband would do me no good. 

I entered the store and went right to customer service and asked if they could call the police to help me gain access to the car.  The woman behind the counter told me they had tried that for other customers in the past and the police no longer provided that service.  One of the women allowed me to use her phone so I called the insurance company, with whom we have roadside assistance......if ever someone needed assistance, this was now! 

The insurance company gave me the name and number of a company and I asked the gal for another number just in case the first one could not assist me. She then gave me two more numbers to be safe. I called the first number and it went straight to voicemail.....oh dear, that wouldn't work for me!  So I called the second number and they said they would be over in 20 minutes.  I was clapping for joy!

Did I mention this was noon and I had neighbors coming to my home at 1:00?  I was feeling a bit under the gun here.

I went out to the car and waited and waited and know how five minutes can feel like five hours when you are on edge??  

There was a young gentlemen collecting carts and I noticed he had a watch on so I called to him and asked him the time.  He came over to me and told me it was almost 12:30 so the panic started to rise within me again.....did they forget me???  I then was relating to the young man what I had done and he was so very pleasant and was greeting customers heading into the store and he then said, "Excuse me" and I turned to my thoughts of being deserted.  The next thing I knew, this young man appeared with a cell phone!!!!  He had gone into the store and borrowed it from another employee!  I quickly called the lock people and was told the man would be there in three minutes!  

I was so overcome by the kindness of this young man!  I told him how much I appreciated his kindness and I said to him, "now you know I will have to pay this forward" and he joined in the last part of my sentence, "pay this forward!" and we both laughed.  I told him I was going to write to the owner of this store to relate how kind his employee was to me.

The lock man came and in two minutes had my car unlocked and I was on my way!

The first thing I did when I got home was write to the store to relate what had occurred.

We are in such a volatile state these days with people angry, prices high, businesses under-staffed, long lines, hiccups in whatever you are trying to accomplish, the feeling no one is doing their job and we have to micro-manage everything or follow up ......we end up complaining, and many times, rightly so!  But this experience just renewed my faith!  This young man absolutely saved my sanity that day!

I have noticed I have not been as critical (well, it was only yesterday so we shall see how long that lasts!) and I vow to see the good and the positive from now on!!!

For those in my area, the store was Karns!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Reflections - with my binders

For each holiday, I have created binders for my Family....when I am gone, if they so choose, they can replicate the holiday as we have for many years as a Family....

Since Easter is approaching, I have pulled that binder and I have noted each year what our menu is (which is a bit redundant since we always have the same menu!), who has attended the holiday and Family Dinner (sometimes we are not all together) and what activities were enjoyed.  (One year we all went kayaking! which was great fun!)

I noted  that in 2020 Bob and I were alone.  My entry page for that year reflected the Pandemic, which kept so many families apart.  I wrote:


This was the most unusual Easter ever.

It was the year of the Pandemic, world-wide.  Everyone had to stay home, in their houses, away from others as the Coronavirus was highly contagious.

Matango's Candies (where we the get the most wonderful jelly beans every year!) called me in February to tell me they were going to be short jelly beans this year due to a malfunction with a machine but they would put aside several bags for me so I would have them.

Easter presents were bought for everyone, the house was ready, the ham was in Nanny Barb's (my Mother) freezer.  All we needed was our beloved Family to be here.

That was not to be........the whole country was in lockdown.  No schools, no businesses (except for essential such as drug stores and food stores were open and we were not allowed out except for a bit of exercise and fresh air).  We also had to wear masks to protect ourselves and others.

THEN, the world moved on, albeit with many, many losses, and Easter, 2021 arrived and I wrote two entries:

EASTER, 2021

Finally, we are going to be able to be with our Family!!!  The New Yorkers will arrive Thursday, April 1st.  This is also the day I will be taking Nan (My Mother) for her second vaccination.

I have prepared foods that I can ahead of time so I can be with the Family and just hug and stare at them!!!  

I am beyond excited!

It is so hard to believe that we have "lost" one year of our lives....of our Grand's lives.....they will be so much taller, smarter and more adorable!!!!

And, then the "official" entry in my binder:

EASTER, 2021

The gang arrived Thursday night and we had a Pasta, Meatball, Sausage dinner.  It was so very wonderful to see the New Yorkers!  Tina came for dinner also but Brandon, Gary and Madeleine did not make it.

The New Yorkers stayed at a Hampton Inn in Hershey the accommodated dogs as "Louie" Kelly and "Chewie"  Giordano also came.

On Friday, Nanny, Katie, Mia and James decorated a "bunny cake for Barby Bunny!  Then we colored tons and tons of eggs!!!! We ordered subs, Pizza, Arrancini and salad from CD Pizza.  Nick and Berni visited in the afternoon.

On Saturday, the New Yorkers spent a lovely day outside and then dropped Kate, Mia and James off so Nanny and Bob could spend the evening with them.  They had macaroni and cheese for dinner.  We started to play Sorry and then Nanny taught them all how to play Chinese Checkers.  They loved it!  They all wanted to sleep overnight so we messaged their mothers and they brought their clothes up.  However, James decided at the last minute that he wanted to go with his Mother.  So, just Katie and Mia slept overnight.

Easter Sunday Nanny put the ham in the oven early and the girls showered and dressed and we did Mass on the internet. The girls spent the morning creating beautiful, intricate Easter cards for everyone.

We had Bob, Trish, Nanny Barb, Pudgie, Tina, Brandon, Katie, James, Barby, Sean, Katie and Mia for our Easter dinner.  We had ham, macaroni and cheese, potatoes au gratin, mashed sweet potatoes, baked corn, asparagus, green beans, pickled eggs, Victoria sponge cake with fresh whipped cream and fresh raspberries, Lemon Mousse Pie, Matangos Jelly Beans, and Chocolate Egg from Ann D'Amico.

Tina organized the BEST EVER egg hunt/obstacle course for the kids, which we held on the side lawn.  It was so much fun!  Even the neighbors enjoyed watching the activities.

Our evening ended with Easter Pie and Charades in the courtyard.

How perfect!

Sunday, March 20, 2022

"Second Chance"

 We were recently on our way to visit our two daughters and Grands in New York when we were struck from behind on 78 near Bethlehem by a Ford 150 Truck.  We were in the passing lane, cruising at about 70 mph when there was the most unbelievable crash, thunder, impact ever!  My husband was able to keep the car under control and get into the right lane (thankfully, there were no cars at that moment) and then pull onto the berm.....which was a very small berm.  

My hair, which is long and thick and always in a bun....was knocked out of the pins!  My husband, who wears glasses and hearing aids......found his glasses and hearing aids in the back seat after the crash!!!!  Such was the impact!!!

The young man who hit us did own up and pulled over and waited for the State Police.  We called the insurance company and the whole process  (getting a rental, getting our car towed) took about five (5) hours.....which was way too long for me!  There were extraordinary  kindnesses throughout and in my muddle, I did not get names at the Raceway Chevrolet, where we pulled our car into off  of 78....I will correct that when we return the rental to Bethlehem.....Two men in particular gave us access to a clean bathroom, gave us bottles of cold water and taped our back window (which was shattered) in anticipation of a rain storm!

We were quite shaken and after grabbing a bite to eat, ventured home.  We arrived home around 7:00 p.m. and I was fast asleep by 8:00 pm. from sheer exhaustion over the whole ordeal.

I had trouble walking because of a pain in my lower back area and my husband had a pain in his chest, probably from the seat belt.  So, we rested Saturday and just laid low.  By Sunday, we were feeling a bit better and getting our "land legs".  

What impacted me most was the feeling that we were so blessed to be alive.  I was actually overcome by this feeling.  I felt the need to let my loved ones know this feeling.  

And, then, I thought, why should a dire experience like this make me feel this way?  I should be ever so cognizant at all times of my loved ones!    So, I leave you with this:  Let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them not wait, like me, til a terrible, life-threatening experience!

We are all so fortunate to have our beloved family and friends .

Saturday, March 5, 2022

The World Has Gone Mad!

I was having a belated Christmas/Birthday Luncheon  the other day with a dear friend of many, many years and I was complaining about the daily increase  of gas prices and she said to me, "You have to keep it in perspective"......and I thought, "Oh my God, she is sooooo right!"

 I am sleeping in my own warm bed and preparing whatever foods I want and being in touch with my loved ones!......when the people of the Ukraine are fleeing for their lives, leaving their homes and  all belongings, not knowing how many of their loved ones will survive! dare I complain about a price increase!!!! 

At Mass tonight we prayed for the people of the Ukraine. 

Where will this all end?  

WE all have to face reality.....our world has been one of bliss til now.....however, this may affect us more than we can now realize.  The nuclear equation is one of great concern.  

Recently I wrote about the Pandemic and how it made us all realize the importance of Family and Friends and how we should cherish them every moment........

It would seem now, more than ever, this thought is paramount!  We can take nothing for granted!  While going about our daily lives may seem trivial, we have to keep going with our daily routines to shore up our stamina and reserves if needed.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Loss of Graciousness (from Pandemic? or not?)

 I cannot believe it has been many months since I have written in this blog!

While the Pandemic has affected all of our lives, I was into a somewhat normal routine.....we are

retired, I cook and bake a lot, we kept in touch with Family and Friends via texting, messaging and

FaceTime......but, I started to lose much of my OOOOMPH!

 Where I normally was an energizer bunny filling my day with activities and chores from morning to night......I resumed that damn INSOMNIA.....getting up later and later after a night of lost precious sleep and then trying to "catch up" as the day progressed......hence, my lack of writing in this blog.......

I have been having great fun watching videos relating to cooking......some are so very, very good and others are absolutely laughable.....but kudos to all who put themselves "out there"! I have mentioned this in previous posts. 

One I particularly enjoy is Nicole who does videos for  I really like her approach.

Recently I viewed a video whereby she was going to attempt a "restaurant" dinner at home.  She was going to "zhoozh" it up!  (This may well have been a video from when we were all basically in lockdown and not going out to restaurants)

What totally amazed me was at the beginning of the video she confessed that she was married for 16 years and had never once used her wedding china!  Nor did she own a tablecloth or linen napkins! (She subsequently borrowed them from an Aunt)

When I say I was totally amazed, what I mean is that typically when one is "into" foods, they are also into presentation, table settings, table linens, etc.  The whole nine yards!

When we were first married, we had no money whatsoever.....but if I was serving hot dogs, I had a linen tablecloth, linen napkins and candles on the table.....creating  whatever meager offering there was a proper setting....... as did most of my girlfriends!

I recently viewed a video where a young mother prepared a proper English Breakfast for her family and proudly showed the results......however, what I noticed was there was no tablecloth, no placemats and no napkins!.....

I realize the younger generation want Dishwasher safe china so there is no hand washing involved and many do not want to wash linens.....but, have we come so far down the line with graciousness that our next generation does not even have the knowledge?

I recently became aware of and joined a group on Facebook called The Art of the Table and another  Tables of Elegance - Mastering the Art of Table Setting.......I can't tell you how much fun I am having viewing all the posts and right up my alley of interest!!!!

If you have any interest whatsoever in setting a lovely table for the foods you have labored over - check these sites has totally revived my energy level!