Sunday, February 21, 2021

Pandemic Realities

We are now in the eleventh month of the Pandemic.

There are so many thoughts, feelings and actions associated with this Pandemic.

Of course, number one is the missing family, grandchildren, friends.....having to isolate or stay within a small "bubble" has proven quite challenging.   While some people have been able to go about their business without missing a beat, an invitation, a trip or a visit with family, many of us with pre-disposed conditions (or age)  have not been able to take that "chance" and, therefore, have been very strict regarding our activities.  We have now "lost" almost one year of our grandchildren's lives and to those of us who are close to our Grands, this has been devastating.

Zoom and FaceTime have proven to be a true God-send but it still cannot replace a HUG!

In my opinion, those around us have proven to be quite resilient and innovative.  

I do not have to go physically to Mass.  I can do so in the safety of my home via Facebook!

Our local restaurants (God Bless Them!) have adapted to 'take out' and many of us have supported our local eateries.

Unfortunately, organizations based on volunteerism have suffered. (With some of that pandemic money how about giving to those organizations! My 93 year old Mother said she did not need the stimulus money and gave hers to the Food Bank!)

I must admit I am now turning into a slug. 

I was in the throes of cleaning, organizing, purging I keep thinking, "tomorrow"...... and I am not reading, knitting......doing anything productive!  Just like when you are on a diet and have hit that "plateau", I am now in a limbo-like state.

The situation with the vaccinations for the citizens of the United States has proven to be a disaster......depending on in which state you reside.  (or, apparently, who you know).

Being a resident of the state of Pennsylvania, I can only speak for us.......deplorable, inefficient, disorganized, inept.  Gee, did I miss any adjective for "Not Good"?

Our vaccination process has been a cluster from the beginning.....even the local, state and federal representatives in our government agree and are helpless in the whole application and procedural process of vaccinations.

Being a child of the '50's, I remember the polio vaccinations and how seamless and efficient it was to get our this just childhood reflection or is it an accurate remembrance?

With the "loss" of our loved ones near us for almost a year, the loss of commingling with our dear friends, the interruption of our lifestyles, I can only pray and hope that we REMEMBER this time......when 911 occurred we were a united unit and patriotism and love for one another was at an all time high......please, please, I pray, that we do not move on from this Pandemic and become jaded again  and not remember the sacrifices, the loneliness, and  the isolation, 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sex and the City, Again

Back in the day, we were all watching Sex and the City on HBO.....Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP to her fans) was adorable, looking for love - everywhere!- and don't you just love her shoes???

Well, now fast forward to 2021.....we are in the midst of a Global Pandemic (that has continued way longer than anyone could imagine!!!). ...we cannot socialize with our family and friends, we have cleaned out every closet in the house......Geeze Louise!!!!

And, now, they announce a new Sex and the City!

I am up for anything positive!  So,.....I begin to view the original series on HBO to reminisce and, quite frankly

I am a bit perturbed.........the actions of these women now, today, seems a bit......appalling!  

I had loved, loved this series!  

I had loved, loved SJP......yes, I felt we were on that level!

But throw a global pandemic into the mix and, what mixed feelings emerge!

They are just now filming the new Sex and The City and it will certainly be interesting!

I have had a love affair with New York City since I was nine years old!  The Stanhope?  Yes, been there always and it was lovely!  

Algonquin?  Oh, yes, late night dinners!

There was a wonderful restaurant near the Met called Uzie's that served the best Gorgonzola Bread!.......]

I could go on and on.......fond memories, but New York City is no longer the City of Dreams that I enjoyed.....I  can't tell you how excited I would get rounding the bend and seeing the skyline as we would descend into the tunnel.....ok, ok, let's see what the new movie is about and then we can talk.

But, I must say with this global pandemic and the extreme political correctness and the animosity of our citizens, the New York City I knew is not the same and will probably not be for a long time to come.