Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The House that Bob "RE-built"

Where does the time go?  It was just January and Bob was starting on the new kitchen!
Now it is May.......the cabinets took forever to be delivered and when they were, many
of the doors and drawer fronts were defective.  The representative from Medallion and
our kitchen designer from Just Cabinets came over and took photos and assured us that
replacements would be ordered and delivered soon.
Well, that took two months!  The replacements arrived, finally, and as Bob and I unwrapped
each one ~ they were all defective in one way or another, from a nick to a gouge to some
kind of green on the white cabinets!
Now, in the meantime, Bob was in the basement and noticed there was water around the
hot water heater.
We called the home warranty insurance company the former owner had taken a policy with
and they sent a man over.  He agreed we needed a new heater and the insurance would
cover the cost of that.  We, however, had to pay a deductible, the cost of the hook up and
the cost of removing the old water heater.
Two weeks later Bob noticed the furnace would turn off right after being turned on!  We again
called this insurance company and they sent a man over.  Yep, we need a new furnace!  We
are just now waiting to hear what they are going to do about this and what it will cost us.
I ordered a lovely antique brass headboard for a king bed ~now that we have a large bedroom
we can finally get a king bed!  Fed Ex delivered it.  The box was bent in an arc.  (The headboard
inside was also bent in an arc!) The company I had ordered it from, Wayfair, was lovely.  They
immediately sent us a new one and told us to donate the mangled one.
That brings us up to date so far.......a definite work in progress!
Bets are on for when we can finally move in......July 4th is a popular date.....I am having Thanksgiving
Dinner so we had best be in by November!  More to follow, along with photos!

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