Friday, November 9, 2018

Me and Martha

I am sure I have alluded to this before......Martha Stewart was my inspiration.

She has been admired, revered, admonished, beatified, deified, parodied, scorned, taunted, ......
but she is still here!

It was way back in Aunt Betty presented me with Martha Stewart's Entertaining book.
What a beautiful book it was!  Loaded with lovely to's......oh, it was right up my
alley!  Everything I did was right there! her book!

But, truth be told.....the initial inspiration would have to be my Mother, Barbara.  She did not
fiddle with fancy hors d'oeuvres , nor did she struggle with complicated desserts.......she planned
and cooked lovely meals that tasted wonderful!  Every night we were served a salad that was
unique and interesting.  It might be a pear filled with cream cheese on a bit of lettuce.....or, one
of my favorites,  a vegetable- filled gelatin on a bed of greens.  Her meals were a cut above
the ordinary and always full of flavor.  Her desserts were simple.....grapefruit halves with a
cherry or a piece of homemade banana cream pie.

My Mother never asked me to help in the kitchen.  That was her personal one
was allowed!  Therefore, I was never privy to her  magic out of that kitchen.

But, back to Martha!  I had collected wonderful lace doilies and antique linens, silver knives from long-gone families of wealth, (complete with their initials), marvelous serving pieces.  Martha showed me how this all could be set forth to complete the most amazing table setting, buffet presentation, culinary offering. 

Therefore, armed with my Mother's downhome flavorful cooking and Martha's innovative style,
I was on my way with what would become Creative Catering by Trish Giordano!

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