Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Importance of Lemon, Lime and Orange Zest!!!

It is Memorial Day Weekend and I have a quart of home grown strawberries (@$5.99/qt.) and
home grown rhubarb (@$3.00/bunch) so I decide it is time to make the fabulous Strawberry-
Rhubarb Cobbler!

I have already done the shopping for the weekend at two different stores plus the farmers market.

All the ingredients are set out and I realize that a most significant, albeit subtle, ingredient is.....
drum roll please.......zest of an orange!

Well, s and d!  I do not have an orange!  However, another drum roll, if you please.....I do have
grated zest of oranges in little packets in my freezer!

Voila!  I take a packet out of the freezer, chop it up nice and fine and sprinkle it over the berry/
rhubarb mixture.  Nothing could be easier!

The reason I am going through this whole scenario is to let you know that many, many recipes
call of a bit of zest of lemons, limes or oranges and the very easiest trick is to zest any of them
prior to use and freeze them!  (please tell me I am not sounding like Martha on this!)

It really is just the easiest to do!  I put the zest on saran, roll it up and put it into a little baggie.
In my freezer I have three baggies guessed it!....the zest of lemons, limes and

This has served me so very well over the years.  I don't know where I first got this tip.....okay,
it probably was from Martha!.....nonetheless,  something that takes such little time and effort is
a huge get for anyone who cooks and bakes a lot!

Just sayin'..........

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