Sunday, August 2, 2020

Slow and Easy Cooking - The Time Has Come

Remember how we all were rushing around like crazy before the Pandemic and lockdown?
We all had to check our calendars if we even wanted to have just coffee with a friend.....gee, am I free? Do I have the time on that particular day?

Then the Pandemic......we were forced to slow down.  Most of my friends and acquaintances have
said they are not planning to return to that hectic lifestyle.  The old saying "take time to smell the
roses" has resonated with so many of us!

And so, I began to think of the correlation between slowing down and cooking.

 While we were in the midst of our chaotic schedules, 30 minute meals were the all-time lifesavers!  And, the crockpot!
Words will never express the ease that invention has brought to so many households where the Mother works and must be out of the house early in the morning but wants to provide a hearty,
tasty meal to her family in the evening.

Yes, there is a time and place for all things.

However, if you do have the time, why rush it?

One of the major factors in a good dish is the care in the production, the layers of seasonings, the
time allowed for the flavors to develop.

You just don't get that in a 30 minutes start-to-finish dish, although it has its place, no doubt!

If you are a "foodie" and were contemplating a trip to France or Italy  to take classes at a culinary school - do you think they would rush through and have you out the door in one hour?

One of these days, perhaps a Sunday, take the time to prepare a wonderful meal.  Light the candle
 in the kitchen (it will set a wonderful ambience and also "soak" up any pungent odors), put on some delightful music or a great movie, pour a glass of wine and thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Pick a menu you have enjoyed at a restaurant or read about.  Don't even look at the clock for your start time, other than to time your cooking the dish!  Relax!  This should be an experience!  One
that you will want to treat yourself to over and over!

Practice your knife skills while preparing the foods ....take your time.  No rush!

And, when your dish is complete, set a lovely table......linen napkins, china (if it doesn't match,
all the better!), crystal glassware, along with the candles and truly, truly enjoy and savor each
bite of your creation!!!

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