Tuesday, January 5, 2010

my first blog

it's 1:45 a.m. and i am just setting up this blog....have no idea what i am doing, of course!
i'm sure once i get started and get the hang of this, it will be much easier....this is sort of
like just meeting someone for the first time and not knowing what to say.....i am closing my
catering business after almost 30 years!....we have always strived for perfection and would
use only the finest ingredients and, i guess, were considered upscale....these times are sure
tough now....everyone is being careful and not being extravagant....our style is more for the
very special occasions now....if and when the economy comes back, i still don't think we all
will be quick to spend our money and will continue to be frugal....so, it's time for me to retire
rather than re-invent our business or settle for anything less than what we do.....

having made that decision, it is both a sad time and an exhilarating one....i will have so much
to do in the coming weeks (months) dismantling our shop and selling equipment, vans, etc.....

then i think i would like to do some volunteer work....because i could never commit to anything
on a specific night or day (we had either events or food prep), i would like to perhaps get involved
with meals on wheels or perhaps help at one of the soup kitchens.....

and then of course there is the house which needs so much attention.....when always working, the house
seemed to be the last item on my daily list!.....and it rarely got crossed off!....

i have so many recipes!....some of course are from others but then we would put our own twist on them...
i remember years ago, martha stewart was accused of publishing recipes that were not her own.....well,
what recipe is truly, truly your own?.....we all start somewhere with a basic recipe and then put something
in we think would enhance it.....so, perhaps my recipes are really not "mine" but i think they are!.....

i have so many to weed through from our various binders and thought i might post some of them as i
am going through them.....

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