Saturday, January 9, 2010

smelling the roses

veering way off my usual thoughts on dear, dear pat hickey called me from philly new year's day to tell me
her brother-in-law, craig, had a brain aneurysm while skiing with his son in vermont.  they rushed him to a hospital only to have to transport him to another hospital one hour away.  he is in a coma and will be there a minimum of 3 months.....the doctors keep telling the family, "if he survives".  this is a man with so much joy for life.....absolutely worships the ground his wife walks on and one of those people you always have a wonderful time with....always!
the ski trip was a christmas gift to their youngest son, matthew, who is only 14 years old.

with me just about to retire and  knowing i have an enormous amount of work ahead of me dismantling the shop, equipment and getting my house in order, i must admit that i have been operating under the feeling that, "what i don't get done today, i can do tomorrow".....there it is, taking my precious gift of days for granted!

and, when i am at the store and there aren't enough cashiers to handle the customers, i gripe and grumble and get myself in a foul mood.....when a driver cuts me off or is discourteous, when i call a company and get someone i cannot understand or can't even get through the menu to talk to that someone i can't understand!....all of these small gripes that i allow to affect my what purpose? my pat hickey always says, "life is too short!".....

i think for this new year i am going to resolve to absolutely smell the roses along the way, enjoy everyone and everything
to the fullest and live each day as though another gift of a day may not come my way.....

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