Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ham Loaf Recipe

one of our family favorites has always been ham has a brown sugar syrup and i usually made macaroni and cheese to go with it......
our sean patrick kelly is a true new yorker and he does have some limitations on what he will eat!.....when we talked about
ham loaf, he grimaced and said he didn't think that was for him....
after our little katie scarlett arrived and i went up with foods for the fridge and freezer, one of the items being ham loaf,
he did try it and absolutely fell in love with it!
i buy the ground ham mixture at l.d. weaver's meats at the west shore farmer's market and was there on friday morning
when i ran into a former customer, delightful gal by name of celeste......we were chatting and i was telling her about the
ham loaf.....she never had it so i sent her right over to l.d. weaver's!
i thought perhaps i would share this recipe..... it is so tasty, even our new yorker loves it!

Ham Loaf (l.d. weavers' recipe)

2 lb. ham loaf mixture
1 egg
1 cup milk
1 cup bread crumbs

form into a loaf (i usually square off my ends so all my slices are uniform and i don't have a small tapered piece)

boil together for 5 minutes:
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
1/4 t. dry mustard (optional)

pour this sugar syrup mixture over formed loaf pan in roasting pan or pyrex.  bake at 350* for 60-90 minutes, depending on oven.    baste often!   syrup will get bubbly and thicken.

i just made two of these loaves so i can take some up tuesday morning when i head back to new york.

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