Wednesday, September 15, 2010

katie kelly arrives

our barbara and sean had their beautiful daughter in lawrence hospital center in bronxville, new york on saturday,
august 7, 2010.....her name is Katherine Giordano Kelly....she was born at 10:42 a.m., weighing in at 9 lbs. 4 oz. and is
21 and one quarter inches long.....

we are all so overjoyed!!!.....the kelly family is doing well .....barby and sean were so cute!!! they would not lay the
baby down! of them was always holding would hold her and the other parent would sleep and then
they would change places!!!.....

we were all up in bronxville for the birth and i stayed til tuesday night.....then went back up that saturday and stayed til
the following tuesday......then didn't get back up til the following monday but stayed til friday.......then the whole family
came to harrisburg on friday, september 4th for labor day weekend.....sean went back to new york that monday and
barby and little katie stayed til thursday when i drove them back home.....then i stayed til monday night.......

everything with babies has changed so much!'s a wonder my children and their generation survived!!!!...we used to
put the babies on their tummies....that's a no-no now...only on their water at all......i am trying to
help but everything we did is no longer current so i'm learning right with them!.....

the plan is for me to be in new york three days per week taking care of this precious baby while barby
returns to work......diane (grandma kelly) is going to care for little katie on fridays and, possibly, on thursdays as well......

this is certainly what retirement should be all about!!!.......daughters getting married, daughters having babies,
spending time with grandchildren!....what bliss!!!!!

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