Thursday, January 16, 2014

The demise of the White Tablecloth

i knew it was only a matter of time, but, nevertheless, i was disheartened with the recent announcement
by Hilton Hotels worldwide  that they were eliminating all white tablecloth dining in  their hotels.
The feeling is that guests will patronize the more casual, sometimes waiter-less, choices of dining
within their hotels over the more traditional, formal seated, served dinner.
Along with the loss of the white tablecloths i fear will be the loss of graciousness, of manners.
Look around you in your every day life and see where this more casual attitude has reached
all levels ~ people dress as they want and many times inappropriately for the event or, even,
disrespectfully (if i go to one more wedding and see a guest wearing jeans I will scream!); displays of affection are no longer sacred to the privacy of many couples but,
woefully to most of us, are "in your face" to all who happen by, regardless of viewers'
age; the loud music blaring from cars, with no regard for others......
'Downton Abbey' is must~see viewing for most of us and isn't it ironic how proper all the
characters are and we all just cannot get enough of it!  Perhaps we are all a bit disillusioned with
all the changes in our society,  even if subconciously.  People my age were privy to the ways of
our parents (and some of their grandparents) and we are now experiencing the loss of their era
as well as our own.

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