Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Wretched Cold

I have been down and out recently with a wretched cold.  I usually get one really bad cold per year and it settles right into my chest.  Hopefully, this was my yearly malady.

We all talk about how progressive we are technically and men on the moon and all that.  Yet, here we
are, each of us, at some time suffering with a cold virus.  The runny nose, fever, chills, stuffy head and that awful coughing!!!  I swear I bruised a rib this time with the coughing.  I can pretty much go
all day cough-free but the minute the sun goes down and it is time for bed, I start with the hacking.

When they came out with Nyquil, I thought it was the magic elixir.  I would take a dose of the Nyquil
and sleep and not cough, at least not so much.

Then a funny thing happened.....Nyquil stopped working on me.  Instead of lulling me to sleep and
getting my much needed rest, it enervated me to the point that I could not close my eyes!!  I also
continued to cough so much that, not only did I get no sleep, but neither did anyone within hearing!!!

Then I happened upon a cough syrup with codeine.  It was the magic of all cough syrups!  A couple
of doses and I slept like a baby and it suppressed my coughing.  I was better and over my cold in a matter of days.   However, that apparently became a street-drug "gold" and the government clamped down on all prescriptions for this cough syrup.  Where in the past the pharmacy would fill the prescription and it was a large bottle, now you get a few doses in a teeny, tiny bottle.

With this last cold, I had the same thing happen with the magic syrup that had occurred with the Nyquil!  It did not quiet my cough like before.  So, I had to resort to the original, old fashioned
remedy......the Hot Toddy:

One cup hot tea, 1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 1 Tablespoon Honey and One Shot Whiskey.

I was skeptical, but so desperate!  However, lo and behold, it worked!!!!

I was scheduled to go to New York to see the Grands and I think there might have been a wee bit
of mind over matter??.....nevertheless, in just a couple of days I was cough free and able to go about
my business.

So, the old wives' tale overcomes, once again!!!

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