Saturday, January 27, 2018

Surviving the Flu of 2017-2018

Never had I, not the fun game on Facebook this day.....truly, never have I ever been
so sick.

Two days after Christmas I was hit "flat out"......ended up in the hospital for one week and home
on oxygen and bedrest for three more weeks!  I am just getting back into a semblance of normalcy but fatigue plagues me and that take some adjustment.

Which brings me to a new "state of mind" that, after being an Energizer Bunny for so many
years, it is quite shocking to one's system to have to slow down!

I am so used to making many, many commitments.....not because I am being pressured to do so, but because I truly want to and with great enthusiasm!

It would be nothing for me to go, go all day and end my day with an evening of cooking or baking
til midnight or later!  Now, my morning preparations and one errand exhaust me!

I had started many blog posts on wonderful events from the holidays which were not completed.
I will soon post these and, while they may be a bit late, hopefully, you will have fun with them and
perhaps even attempt some of the recipes!!!

The kindnesses showed to me was overwhelming and, quite frankly, humbling.  I made a note to self,
that whoever, whenever someone I know is sick or infirmed, I will drop off soup or a meal without
asking and shower that person with cards and messages!  My husband and I were so very, very

That old adage, "without your health you have nothing" is, unfortunately, so very true.  I have new
empathy for anyone with breathing problems (the flu caused me to have great upper respiratory problems, hence the oxygen).  I am looking at anyone with health issues in a totally different light

From being so very ill to being this side of Heaven, I must now seek my purpose, and of course,
count my many blessings.

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