Sunday, February 11, 2018

Holiday Beef Wellington

Since we moved into our townhouse, I have had friends in for formal dinner parties each Holiday
season....usually during the week  before Christmas.  

I have such fun setting the table, creating an ambiance and planning the menus!

This year, I decided for my School Chums Dinner that I would do Filet of Beef.  

I went through all my basic recipes and then checked out Gordon Ramsay.....who I adore and love
his approach to foods....and came up with the winner, Holiday Beef Wellington.

I have been preparing Filet of Beef for more years than I care to count in my catering career!

Typically I do not sear the beef.  I know, I know, this seems a sacrilege!  However, I would 
usually cook the beef at such a high temperature, it created its own crust!  Thus, negating the
need for the searing.

Gordon's approach of the duxelles and prosciutto were what won me over.

First, I purchased a whole tenderloin that was not trimmed.  The difference in price for a trimmed
tenderloin was almost $10.00 per lb.!  And, while I do detest the process of trimming, I am perfecting capable of doing so, thereby saving the money!!

The main goal when trimming the beef yourself is to be sure to remove all the silver.  This does
not melt out like the fat does.

I then, as per Gordon, layed out saran wrap and then layered thinly sliced prosciutto. On top of 
that I spread the duxelle mixture of mushrooms, shallots, and herbs. 

Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of placing the tenderloin on top of the duxelles and wrapping
it all up with the prosciutto.  Sorry about that!  

I then wrapped the beef in puff pastry.  I brushed the entire surface with an egg wash and then
made some decorative slits.

A quick roast in a hot oven and, voila!  perfection!

Just google Gordon Ramsay's Holiday Beef Wellington and don't wait til the next Holiday!
Try it now!  It is easy and absolutely delicious!!!

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