Sunday, February 11, 2018

Changing Carmines

I posted the wonderful recipe for Carmine's Rigatoni many years ago.

We first experienced this wonderful dish at our daughter, Barbara's, Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
at....Carmine's in Manhattan!

What a delightful experience!

It has since become a Family Favorite, with grandson James wanting nothing but!!!!!

I did notice, however, that when my daughter Katie prepared the dish, it was a bit different
than when I prepared it.

I checked the archives and realized that I was now using two (2)  16 ounce rolls of Bob Evans
Sausage, Original, since the Italian is no longer available in our stores, rather than just one.

Also, I was using two (2) cans of cannellini beans, rather than just one.

All other ingredients remained the same as in the published recipe.

This truly makes a difference!

I hope you will try this and love it as much as we do!  A great crowd pleaser!

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