Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hard Boiled Eggs

Do you like eggs?

I adore eggs!  They are such a total food!

I cannot imagine life without an omelet!

And, salads with a hard boiled egg are so......complete!

I used to boil the eggs and the result was most unsatisfactory.

There would be a blue/grey tinge to the yolk and it was most unappetizing.

I started to read up on "hard boiling eggs".

I was so not aware of all the controversy, rules, advice,!

Some articles would say to put one teaspoon of baking soda into the water which would
make the egg easy to peel.

Other articles would say to boil for twenty minutes and then let the eggs chill.

Use old eggs, use new eggs, only boil the eggs for 12 minutes, the "rules" for hard boiling
eggs goes on and on!

I finally came up with my own method for perfect hard boiled eggs:

1.  I purchase two dozen eggs.  One dozen is to be used for any cooking that I am doing just
now.  The other dozen is to "wait" til I am doing hard boiled eggs.  (that makes them "old")

2.  I then place the "old"  eggs in a pot with cold water to cover.  I place the lid on and turn heat
to a medium, watching very carefully.

3.  At the very moment the water is boiling, I  turn the gas off and let the eggs sit, covered,
in the pot.  I turn the timer to 11 minutes. 

4.  When the timer goes off, I drain the hot water from the eggs and "flush" them with cold
water and, once cool, let them set for a few minutes in the cold water.

5.  The eggs peel perfectly and the yolk is bright yellow with no tinges of blue/purple/grey.

Give this a try the next time you need to hard boil eggs!

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