Saturday, April 10, 2021

Easter, 2021

 I am filled with such anticipation, I can hardly contain myself!  

We have not been together as a family since March 1, 2020!  

We had to cancel Easter last year because of the Pandemic.......

But, now!!!! we will all be vaccinated and will gather this weekend for the Easter holiday!!!  I am truly beside myself......might have to send a photo of me hugging the Grands into the Today show!!!!.....

Instead of setting a beautiful table with the antique, gold painted china and delicate linens, the BOB bought disposable plates so I can sit with the family and just stare at them and enjoy!

I prepared a large amount of meatballs for the first night.....rigatoni, meatballs, antipasti, bread......and have homemade chicken stock for the Grands to enjoy chicken soup.....macaroni and cheese all made and frozen....picked up the ham today.....we are scrubbing the house so everything is shiny!.....we are just so excited!!!!!

I am sure that every grandparent who has not been able to see and hug their Grands feels exactly like we do!  This Pandemic has been such an experience!  

There are some traditions I just could not pass on.....such as Italian Easter Pie!  Usually my granddaughter Madeleine prepares these with me and last year my sister in law came to help.  This year I am alone but that is just fine and I will prepare these with much love!

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