Saturday, April 10, 2021

Attempting to Return to Pre-Pandemic "Normal"

 Our entire Family has had both shots (with just three with only one shot) so we had a most anticipated Easter Celebration!  I had prepared most of the Easter  foods earlier and froze what I could or at least made a couple days ahead as I wanted to only hug and hug and hug and stare at my Grands!!!!!

(And Dr. Fauci said I could hug these precious angels!!!!)

It truly was a most magical experience!  Who could possibly believe that we would go more than one year without being with each other?  This from a Family that is always in touch and concerned with one another.

When my Grand Daughters arrived, I actually broke down in tears! They were taller and smarter than when I last saw them and I felt so "left out"!  I used to know who their friends were, what they liked to eat, what they didn't like to eat, etc.  and I felt so adrift!!  When my small Grand Son arrived, I experienced the same feelings.....he seemed so grown up!!!!!

However, after a short period, we were all back Pre-Pandemic with our love, concern and caring for one another!

I have mentioned this before but I will do so one more time:  I think we have all "suffered" and learned from this Pandemic Experience........we have had scandals involving politicians; we have suffered division among the states of the United States; many, oh, so many have experienced loss of jobs and money......the list of sacrifices and loss can go on and on......but what I wish most fervently is that we do learn from this and NOT FORGET!......we keep this close to our heart and react and behave accordingly...... 

There are so many things we can 93 year old Mother felt she did not need the stimulus monies so she donated to the Food Bank!....there are so many ways we can all help to unify this country and get us all back on track......but we must NEVER FORGET!...............

Remember 9/11?  We were all unified and one......let us be that once again!!!!

That is my most fervent  prayer!!!!

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