Sunday, March 20, 2022

"Second Chance"

 We were recently on our way to visit our two daughters and Grands in New York when we were struck from behind on 78 near Bethlehem by a Ford 150 Truck.  We were in the passing lane, cruising at about 70 mph when there was the most unbelievable crash, thunder, impact ever!  My husband was able to keep the car under control and get into the right lane (thankfully, there were no cars at that moment) and then pull onto the berm.....which was a very small berm.  

My hair, which is long and thick and always in a bun....was knocked out of the pins!  My husband, who wears glasses and hearing aids......found his glasses and hearing aids in the back seat after the crash!!!!  Such was the impact!!!

The young man who hit us did own up and pulled over and waited for the State Police.  We called the insurance company and the whole process  (getting a rental, getting our car towed) took about five (5) hours.....which was way too long for me!  There were extraordinary  kindnesses throughout and in my muddle, I did not get names at the Raceway Chevrolet, where we pulled our car into off  of 78....I will correct that when we return the rental to Bethlehem.....Two men in particular gave us access to a clean bathroom, gave us bottles of cold water and taped our back window (which was shattered) in anticipation of a rain storm!

We were quite shaken and after grabbing a bite to eat, ventured home.  We arrived home around 7:00 p.m. and I was fast asleep by 8:00 pm. from sheer exhaustion over the whole ordeal.

I had trouble walking because of a pain in my lower back area and my husband had a pain in his chest, probably from the seat belt.  So, we rested Saturday and just laid low.  By Sunday, we were feeling a bit better and getting our "land legs".  

What impacted me most was the feeling that we were so blessed to be alive.  I was actually overcome by this feeling.  I felt the need to let my loved ones know this feeling.  

And, then, I thought, why should a dire experience like this make me feel this way?  I should be ever so cognizant at all times of my loved ones!    So, I leave you with this:  Let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them not wait, like me, til a terrible, life-threatening experience!

We are all so fortunate to have our beloved family and friends .

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