Saturday, March 5, 2022

The World Has Gone Mad!

I was having a belated Christmas/Birthday Luncheon  the other day with a dear friend of many, many years and I was complaining about the daily increase  of gas prices and she said to me, "You have to keep it in perspective"......and I thought, "Oh my God, she is sooooo right!"

 I am sleeping in my own warm bed and preparing whatever foods I want and being in touch with my loved ones!......when the people of the Ukraine are fleeing for their lives, leaving their homes and  all belongings, not knowing how many of their loved ones will survive! dare I complain about a price increase!!!! 

At Mass tonight we prayed for the people of the Ukraine. 

Where will this all end?  

WE all have to face reality.....our world has been one of bliss til now.....however, this may affect us more than we can now realize.  The nuclear equation is one of great concern.  

Recently I wrote about the Pandemic and how it made us all realize the importance of Family and Friends and how we should cherish them every moment........

It would seem now, more than ever, this thought is paramount!  We can take nothing for granted!  While going about our daily lives may seem trivial, we have to keep going with our daily routines to shore up our stamina and reserves if needed.

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