Thursday, April 6, 2017

Two of My Most Valued Kitchen Items

What is the most important utensil or gadget in your kitchen?
Perhaps your costly mixer?  Are you fortunate enough to have a robot coupe?

I have knives that cost $80.00 plus, each.

My boards are the best that money can buy.

But what do I value and use most?

Bet you didn't see that coming!

The masking tape was $1.00 from the Dollar Store.  The marker also $1.00 at the Dollar Store.

I don't set foot into my kitchen that I am not using these two items.

When I return from the food stores and market and am putting foods into the fridge, I mark everything.   I give myself "use by" dates.  That way there is no question as to when the item was purchased.

Some foods I buy do have dates on and some do not.  And then there is the "use by" until  you open
stamp on some foods and, well, that is for a future posting.  (I remember when a food item had a date
far into the future but it was now opened and this person thought it would still be good for months, til that use by date!)

When I am preparing something and plan to freeze a portion of it, out comes the masking tape and
marker so it can go into the freezer with no questions as to content and date. Everything in my fridge
is dated.  So are my self items.  Whenever I open anything, I put masking tape on it with the date!

When we were catering we had food service labels on which we would write all of this information.
However, they were so very sticky that they would not come off the container!  We would end up
soaking, scraping, so much work and usually leftover sticky residue!  Masking tape is a breeze, costs little and comes right off!

I also use the masking tape to seal my salad greens if I am keeping them in their original bag. (Also, my bags of barley, lentils, beans in their original bags. )  I just express all the air and fold and tuck the bag and put a strip of masking tape on so it will be tight.  Works like a charm and my greens are good for several days.

Sometimes the old fashioned, basic way really can get the job done best!

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