Monday, April 10, 2017

Update on Black Bean Cakes!

The whole family will be together for Easter, 2017 and I am so very excited!
It has been a few years since we have been able to accomplish this.  One recent year there
were work conflicts and two years ago our son-in-law had two heart attacks!!! So, this year
will be such a blessing!

I am preparing foods and sauces for the upcoming holiday and  I am freezing what I can so I can
enjoy my precious angels while they are here (and not be in the kitchen the whole time!).

One of our girls is sort-of, kind-of-like, vegetarian!  (just don't let her near a BLT!)  I had devised
a Black Bean Burger for this daughter,  and did post it on my blog (see Archives, May 20, 2014).  However, I need to update the recipe and my method.

In my previous post, I had listed 1/2 c. romano as an ingredient.

One ingredient change was an asiago blend in lieu of the romano  that I used to get at Garden Gourmet on Broadway in New York City.  Since I am now in Harrisburg, I cannot readily obtain that wonderful cheese.  It was a blend of parmesan, romano and asiago......yum.

Now I put in  whatever I can get!  Any hard cheese, along those lines, will be fine. But if you can get
some asiago, grate it and mix it with some parmesan or romano and it will be wonderful!

Also, I was preparing a quinoa blend that was really wonderful by Earthly Choice.  Again, that is
not readily available to me so I have just been using red and white quinoa.....which is just fine.

And, lastly, I used to cook all the bean cakes and then freeze them.  Now I have been preparing the mixture, letting it rest in the fridge to marry the flavors, and then forming the cakes and layering
them between parchment and freezing them.

It is such a delight to pull one or more out, when in the mood,  and saute with butter and olive oil til nice and crisp and enjoy,  seemingly with no preparation!

I do hope you will try these and, if so, please let me know how you enjoy them!

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  1. I am in love with your blog! I find you post so captative. I am always looking forward to updates. Thank you for all this!