Sunday, April 2, 2017

A "Lucy" Moment?

The remodeling was completed Friday.
 Saturday I went to the paint store and bought stain for the
steps.  I was so excited!  I put the stain on one step to  test it and was so thrilled that it almost matched the hardwood flooring!
I was so very pleased that I started to stain all the steps, leaving one or two in between so I could
have access to go up.

The new sleeper sofa was going to be delivered early (as in 6:45 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.!) Monday morning and I was so happy everything was clicking right along.
Sunday I woke and asked Bob how the steps looked this morning and were they dry.  He mumbled
that they looked fine and he assumed they were dry.......a clear indication that he had not checked
them out at all!
I ran downstairs to see my "masterpiece" - and was so dismayed!  The steps were soaking wet!
How in the world were men going to troop in here with new furniture?
Bob was incredulous that the stain had not dried overnight.  He mentioned that today most paints, etc.
dry in one hour!
This was something I really could not deal with just now.  I had to get to Mass and then get to my
Mother and brother for Sunday Lunch.  I checked the can of stain.....which read, to wipe immediately after brushing on stain for a light color and to wait five minutes for a desired darker color before wiping off.
Ooooops!  Ok, so maybe I didn't quite think this through in my excitement.  (I did not wipe.)
I told Bob I would wipe down the steps as soon as I returned.
It is in moments like these that Bob tells me I should have red hair.  I think he is going to start calling
himself Ricky.

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