Saturday, January 18, 2020

Gracious Guests

What culture in this world does not promote graciousness?

The answer:  very, very few, if any.

Be careful what you admire!  In many countries, they will try to "gift" you that very item!

In most countries, when you accept an invitation to a private home, you take a gift to honor the
"graciousness" of them including you in their dinner.  This can be a gift of flowers, candy,
wine or, perhaps something your own country is known for.  This is received with great
honor, acknowledging your graciousness.

What has happened in the United States of America?

We are the "melting pot" of the world!!!  We have people from every country represented here!  Yet, how have these lovely customs been "forgotten"?
Or, "cast aside"?

I have been most fortunate.  Most of my friends and acquaintances are of the same mind and apparently also value this world-wide custom.

I, myself, always have a gift for any guest entering my home.  It may be a lovely, scented soap or
candle.  I just love doing this.....again, part of being gracious.  When my guests depart, they are given a "gift" from me,  representing my appreciation for their attendance.

I see the, mostly, young people of today......graciousness is just not a part of their lives.  They are
very "busy".  They do not countenance the ways of their elders.  ( in some respects, this is a good thing!....but in many, they are losing valued world-wide customs of all cultures)

This really sounds like I am criticizing the younger generation and, actually, I am not.  For, it is my generation who has failed!  We have failed to instill our beloved customs into the newer generations.
We have, perhaps, failed to take the time to re-inforce our customs.  We have head-strong youth and don't want to create waves so we remain silent or give in.

What a dis-service we are doing to the new generations!

It is truly time for all of us to step gracious, demand kindness to ALL, accept differences and learn from others about those differences.

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