Saturday, January 11, 2020

Zuccotto, an Unbelievable Dessert!

Many years ago, in our pastry shop and for catering, we made Zuccotto, a domed dessert from Florence that got its name from its resemblance to a zucca, the Italian word for pumpkin.

This was a dessert I first obtained from an early Martha Stewart Living magazine.
The article was December 14-15, Episode 414, Cooking: Chocolate Zuccotto with Susan.

This dessert was such a success that we decided to use the filling for our Buche de Noels!
This made them not only very special, but very unique, in that we were the only ones using
this filling!!

I am doing prep for a dinner tomorrow night for very dear friends we were not able to see prior
to and over the recent Christmas holiday. 
Many years ago I served them the Buche de Noel with this wonderful filling and the one friend
declared that it was the best thing he ever ate.
So, I decided to put it on the menu for our dinner.  However, no Buche de Noel but rather the
original Zuccotto - the domed dessert.

This is a "process" dessert.  I made the cake one day and let it rest.  That evening I made the
filling and let that also rest.  (I don't believe in rush, rush!.......foods need to rest and blend and
marry and let their flavors really come forth).

The next day I assembled and then let that rest in the fridge overnight.

So, on the third day!!!!  We are finally ready to present our dessert!

I am so hoping that our dear friend is just as pleased as he was many years ago with this wonderful

P.S.  The dinner was delightful and our guests enjoyed the dessert very much!!!

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