Friday, January 10, 2020

Mexican Vanilla, ambrosia!

Many, many years ago a dear friend had occasion to travel to Mexico.  She brought back Mexican
Vanilla.  (I was not familiar at the time and this was quite a treat).  She explained that she had to go
to a "liquor store" to purchase this vanilla.

It was divine!

I had my catering business at the time and when I would prepare a dessert, I would pause and think,
"is this worthy of the fabulous Mexican vanilla?"

I actually stretched that vanilla for quite some time!

Fast forward many, many years and another dear friend gave me a bottle of Mexican vanilla that he
was gifted.  Since he no longer baked much he thought of me and that I would enjoy it. Right he was!

I must say though, this vanilla seemed so very different.  The smell was not as luxurious as what I
remembered and the taste did not send me over the moon. 

Shortly after that, another very dear friend traveled to Mexico and brought me back a bottle of the
legendary vanilla.  I was so very thrilled and quizzed her on the purchase.  She did not have to go to
a "liquor store" for this vanilla.   Again, it was lovely but not the aromatic sublime essence I had
experienced initially.

So, I am in a quandary.    Has the Mexican vanilla changed over the years?  Why is it no longer sold only in liquor stores?  Have they succumbed to the version in the States?

Guess I will have to schedule a trip to Mexico to research vanilla and discover for myself what is
the current status of vanilla!

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