Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Change in Tonight's Dinner Menu

Wanting to be quite organized for the new year of 2017, I composed my dinner menus for the week last night and was feeling quite proud of myself!  Then today I discovered that the specialty store I planned to visit this afternoon and where I was going to purchase their house-made stuffed cabbages for dinner, was not open until tomorrow from their holiday break.

Since it turned into a  bleak and rainy day, I did not feel like venturing out anyway.  So, the freezer was to be my "store". Checking the freezer inventory, I found frozen Thanksgiving turkey, frozen homemade chicken stock,  one sheet of puff pastry,  and Voila!  I have the makings of a Turkey Pie for dinner! Just need to add the carrots and onions!

A quick saute of chunk cut carrots and onions in 4 T. butter and then adding about 1/3 C. flour,
stirring to "cook" the flour.  Then creating a veloute with about 1-1/2 C. of the homemade
chicken stock......adding a few more ladles so not too thick.  Folding in the turkey which had
been cleaned and trimmed prior to freezing.  Also threw in a few green beans I had also frozen
last month!  Fresh parsley on top and almost done!

It only took the puff pastry about 15 minutes to thaw enough so I could unfold it.  Since I wanted
quite a thick topping to this dish, I did not bother to roll it more than once or twice.  Carefully
laying it on top of the pie ingredients, a quick egg wash and into the oven at 425* for 25 minutes!

This isn't the best photo but it was such a tasty dish for a dreary, rainy chilly evening with very
little effort and I did not have to go to a brick and mortar store!!!!

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