Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Much Maligned Creamed Dried Beef

At some point on Christmas Eve, my Mother started preparing Creamed Dried Beef with Fresh
Mushrooms on Toast Points for us prior to our dashing off to church.

It was to "hold us over".

We would return home to a feast and many, many presents and lots of champagne!

To this day, my husband and I enjoy creamed dried beef with fresh mushrooms.  He likes his
on waffles whereas I enjoy mine on fresh mashed potatoes.

Tonight I put this dish on the menu.....Sunday night, dreary outside, damp, rainy, need us some
comfort food!

I had purchased the dried beef from a specialty meat purveyor at the West Shore Farmers Market.
I have been dealing with this company for over thirty years.  Their products are superior!

I purchased the sliced dried beef, rather than the chipped, because it was so very lean and just

Alas, as I started to prepare it, I was quite dismayed at the thickness of the slices......way, way
too thick.  (a little alarm went off in my brain).

I have never seen the dried beef sliced this thick.  I proceeded to prepare the dish the way I always do......however, it just wasn't the same.  The B-O-B agreed......not our usual good meal.

To my mind, it goes back to this whole matter of butchering.  The loss of the "fine art" and the now mass production and bottom line dollar amount!

I suppose, since things will not change back to the "good ol' days" we are going to have to accommodate the new ways....into our old ways and make the best of what we can!

I would be so interested in hearing from anyone who is experiencing the same loss of
quality over quantity in today's markets.

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