Monday, January 9, 2017

Creating..... out of the Freezer!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to empty my freezer!
There are so many items in the freezer that I push aside to add more items and think,
 "I must use these one day soon!".
I must admit I am not a proponent of frozen foods.  I do not like to freeze beef at all.
Usually, I will defrost ground beef and end up throwing it out.
 However, I do freeze many other items such as tomato paste, lemon and orange zests,
 egg whites, pesto,  homemade applesauce and ba-NANNY bread for my grandchildren!
I am having friends over for dinner this week and am thinking I will serve Carmine's
Rigatoni (a family favorite ,found  in February, 2012 post).  I have the sausage frozen,
 as well as the proscuitto and homemade chicken stock. I also have egg whites frozen so they will make a wonderful pavlova for dessert!  Today I stopped at the food store and purchased fresh
 broccoli  (for the rigatoni), ricotta salata for the antipasto, a bit more pecorino romano for
 the pasta and fresh  strawberries for a  compote for the pavlova. ( I always have  roasted
peppers in my freezer, plus olives and  artichoke hearts so throwing together an antipasto is
My dinner is almost complete!

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