Monday, January 30, 2017

Martha and her Sugar Cookies, Part II

Today I rolled the Martha dough for the number 4 cookies for our Mia's fourth birthday.

I was going to do this yesterday but became distracted with completing a knitting project
that was for a Christmas present!

I got my cookie board out.  Since I have always made a lot of cookies, both in our businesses
and at home, I have a special board for cookies and pie doughs.  (I also have a huge board
just for sand tarts).  I use this board for nothing else.  I also do not cut on it so the surface is
smooth.  After use, I wash it with hot water and soap and dry it immediately.

Today I rolled the cookies quite a bit thicker than normal.  You know when you go to the store
and see the specialty sugar cookies, how thick they are?  That is what I did today.......for little
four year olds I thought a softer, more sturdy cookie would work best.

When using a cookie cutter, the edges of the cookie can be quite a bit ragged.  After lifting the
cookie to the parchment, I take the straight edge of my small spatula and tap all around the cookie
to smooth out any roughness.

The cookies are placed on a parchment-lined baking sheet.  Then I cover that sheet with a large
piece of saran.  On top of that I lay another piece of parchment to add more cookies.  (This way 
I don't have many cookie sheets going into the fridge.  Just one with several layers.)

I also just received a new cookie cutter and wanted to try it out.  I may write MIA on them and
they can either be for the guests or for decoration.

Also, while I was at it, I cut out some rounds for Linzers.  I have some Black Currant from Ireland
that would be just lovely!!

Tomorrow I will bake the various cookies and make Royal Icing for the decorating.

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