Monday, January 2, 2017

Returning to Blogging

Happy New Year!  It is now 2017!!!!
It has been quite a while since I have much has changed!

I am no longer living in New York City part of each week watching over my two little darling granddaughters.

We sold our home of 43 years.

We have moved into our new home and just completed a rehab on the courtyard.  This,  after
gutting the first floor and creating a new kitchen prior to the move!  (A kitchen I absolutely

There are so many other projects in the works, I don't know where to begin!

First is the cookbook.  I have recorded many of the recipes and photos for inclusion in the
cookbook.....but have been using Facebook as a sort of blog these past few years.    I post photos of what I am cooking and recipes as well.  It has been great fun interacting with my Facebook
friends responding to the recipes and photos.

However, I am now going to return to this blog and, hopefully, I will be faithful with postings.

As part of a Christmas present for a friend, I made a Dinner of the Month Gift Certificate for
her.  She is an excellent cook but, as a widow living alone,  does not cook very often.  She loves
comfort food, the basics.  She does not care for trendy, "kinky" (her word!) foods.

With that in mind, I have just started going through recipes to compose menus for her and I thought
it might be fun to share what I come up with in this blog.

We have also entertained friends over the holidays and I have some fun photos of foods I would like
to share, perhaps as an inspiration for next year!

Me, my Mother and youngest Daughter,  Katie Adams

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