Sunday, March 12, 2017

CPR class

Today I attended a CPR class at St. Catherine Laboure School.  It was provided by Holy Spirit and
American Heart Association, in conjunction with St. Catherine's.

When I told the BOB I had signed up for this class, he said, "all you need to know is 'Staying' Alive'.
He told me you compress to the beat..... and, as I attempted to do so, he said, "Well, you have to KEEP the beat!  Or the person will die!"

There were seven attendees total today and the instructor was from Holy Spirit Hospital.  She was
very pleasant and did a wonderful job instructing us.

We learned to do CPR for adults, along with AED (defibrillator) plus CPR and AED for children, and CPR for infants.  We also learned CHOKING for all.  Below is my little peanut.

When I was in New York City caring for little Katie and Mia, I had researched these classes.  In Harrisburg, they were provided by fire companies at a $50=60 cost.  However, they were never on
a day or evening I was in Harrisburg!  I checked into classes in New York City (they were quite costly!) but could never schedule one for an evening that would work for me!  Therefore, I never took a class, much to my regret!

I would so highly recommend taking this course!

I have a 90 year old mother and am with the New York Grands whenever I can and I consider this
an absolute MUST!

And, the cost of this day?  $16.00 for the book!!!!  Can you believe that?  (perhaps the Church picked
up some of the cost?)

My dear, dear friends (Pat and Chet Hickey) recently had an experience where a man collapsed and
Chet, being an Army Medic and having great knowledge and experience, administered CPR  to the man and saved his life!!!

What more can I possibly say?

I urge you to look into and, hopefully, take this course......a few hours of your time could save a

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