Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SNOWBOUND reflections

I just love snow days!  I savor the slow-down process.....orange olive oil cake  is baking in oven permeating the house with the most delightful aromas!......about to prepare chicken matzo ball soup
with my wonderful homemade chicken stock.......and, finally, homemade bread---which is taking
12 hours to rise!!!

I cannot open my front door~snow is piled against it.  Our courtyard is a "wind -blown fortress" of

The BOB is taking a nap therefore I am left to my own devices.....

The entire time of the many years that I was catering, I never had a snow day.

I could not "assume" that anyone would cancel an event due to inclement weather.  Therefore, I always had to proceed with the thought that the event was a "go".

I trudged through more snow and slush and ice to obtain ingredients and then to my shop to prepare
said ingredients......it was at times a monumental effort.  I am sure that is why I enjoy "snow days"
to the nth degree now!!!

For a few days, I do not mind being "housebound".....usually it is only one day, however.

And in these wondrous moments of intense pleasure of "staying put".....my mind does wander to recent events......as in, going to several stores and paying for my purchases and not being told, "
Thank You".

Typically, the clerk is a young woman, probably still in her teens.  She hands me the receipt and says nothing.  I usually look her in the eye and say, "You are welcome!".....to which some may reply, quite flustered, "oh, thank you".....whatever happened to the New YOrk, "thank you and have a nice day"??

I do not blame the young clerk at all.  I do blame my peers and those slightly younger.  It is our job to
teach the younger generations.  If I encounter a clerk with no decorum, no professionalism, then that is our fault.

It has happened so very many times of late that I really think this must be addressed.

Another thought.......

every store I enter has music blaring from a PA system.  When was it deemed that music (or any noise) should blare throughout the stores?    It does not matter what store you enter, Home Goods, Pier I, Joanne's Fabrics, etc.   I have discussed this with Giant store employees and they tell me they cannot stand the noise and must make every effort to block it.  When mentioning same to the Giant managers, they say that studies show the blaring of noise will increase afternoon productivity of employees.  Therefore, I assume that Giant stores (along with many other businesses, apparently)  value possible increased productivity (which appears very sketchy) to the comfort and dignity of their customers. (and, actually, their employees when you get down to it).

All I know is that I cannot wait to get out of the grocery store (typically Giant) to get away from the noise!!!  And many times, do not get everything I went into the store to purchase!

BOB is, once again, shoveling the courtyard (note to self:  next time buy integrated garage!) and I am sampling the soup......absolutely to die for!

The contracted snow removal service is now out shoveling....their snow plows seem to have a problem....too much snow for their equipment.

I am heading back to finish Longmire on Netflex.....I am a bit sad....like when you finish a novel that has you enraptured.....I have invested in Walt and Cady and Henry Standing Bear.....I don't want to leave them!  (Thank you Cindy Freed!)

I am on my third "sampling" of the Chicken Matzo Ball Soup.....delish!!!!!

Tomorrow we will all, most likely, be back to our own versions of "normal".  Hopefully, we can all
take with us a sense of peace, a sense of "doing what is right", a courteous manner.....  here's hoping!

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