Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My Beloved New York

I have had a love affair with New York City since I was nine years old!

My Mother and I would drive over the George Washington Bridge and up over Bear Mountain to
Massachusetts to see my Grandfather each summer.  I would view the apartment buildings from the
Henry Hudson Parkway and tell my Mother that, "one day I am going to live here!"

There used to be baskets as you entered the George Washington Bridge and the cost was ten cents.
One time, my Mother only had a nickel and five pennies and thought she should get into another lane since she did not have the required dime.  While attempting to get into another lane, she then actually
was blocking two lanes.....amidst much horn blowing and angst of other drivers.  I remember my
Mother becoming quite flustered.  I also remember myself slinking way, way down in my seat!!!

When I turned nineteen years of age, I made my plans to move to New York City.  I did make my
dream a reality.

I also returned home after a year to visit  my parents and regroup, started dating my future husband and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fastforward many years and two of my daughters moved to New York City.  When one of my daughters was going to have a baby I agreed to help out and would drive to New York every Sunday and return to Harrisburg every Thursday or Friday.  It was such a fun time.  I would go to the Harrisburg library every week and choose audio books to enjoy on my travels.  I would become so engrossed in a book that the next thing I knew, I had arrived at my destination!

Of course, the added super BONUS was being with my second granddaughter!  I became a regular
at the NYC Public Library, the City parks and great friends with other grandmothers and Nannies!
What an absolutely lovely time!

I was also able to explore areas of New York City that I had only read about or had visited briefly
as a young woman.  City Island was a special treat!  It was getting a bit down-trodden upon my
re-visit but still a lot of fun.  In fact, we had a Bon Voyage Nanny dinner there, on the water, as I
ended my nanny duties for the summer one year!

There is just something about New York City that is unlike any other!  There is an air of confidence.....I don't know if I can truly identify it......just something special, very special!!

I used to feel so sorry for the tourists who were deposited at Port Authority or Penn Station and then spent the afternoon, evening at the "old" Times Square.  They used to cry out, "Ugh!  I hate New York City!" (no wonder!)

They never had the opportunity to walk around the upper East Side, marveling at the gorgeous
brownstones, tree lined streets, the gentility of it all!

Or the upper West Side with just as wonderful brownstones and that special vibe!  And those
fabulous bakeries!!!!

New Yorkers (especially the born and bred) are a warm, generous, kind people......does this surprise
anyone not familiar with NYC?  It seems they tend to get a very bad reputation and tourists complain how rude they are.

Never have I experienced anything like that.  True New Yorkers are a fun-loving lot, with plenty
of tales to tell and pints to quaff, all with hearty laughter and smiles.

I become so excited each and every time we are planning to go to New York....I know I will have
a wonderful experience!

Conversely, The BOB hates New York City!!!!  I should qualify that.....he hates the 78 traffic to and from New York City and he hates the crowds!  Once there and ensconced with his youngest grandchildren, he is a happy camper!

The Waldorf Astoria just closed yesterday.....for a three year renovation.  This made me quite sad.....
so much of New York City (as with other cities too) is changing.....and I am at an age where change is not so easily accepted!!!

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